Billionaire Zombies Club Is Showing Us How NFTs Can Truly Democratize the Art Industry – Grit Daily

Billionaire Zombies Club Is Showing Us How NFTs Can Truly Democratize the Art Industry – Grit Daily

Billionaire Zombies Club has surpassed 145 ETH in trading volume as the project continues to evolve from a hobby to an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Non-fungible tokens are generating millions of dollars for many, which can make it easy to forget that they represent an opportunity for entrepreneurship to flourish. NFTs can be applied to several industries and niches to transform passion into a lucrative business, including real estate, healthcare, gaming, and more popularly, art.

Such was the case of Singaporean artist “Axman”, an artist who worked as an immigration officer in the Asian country and drew art in his free time. By taking advantage of social media’s ability to connect people all around the world, he eventually would grow a following that would lead him to start his entrepreneurial journey.

With projects like Boring Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunk, and Crypto Kitties having paved the way at a time when the NFT craze is going strong, Axman assembled a team to share his art with the world. The result was Billionaire Zombies Club.

In a matter of 9 days, the project sold more than 10k unique pieces which had their trading grow by over 500% in just 3 days. Selling now in OpenSea, one of the biggest digital art marketplaces in the crypto space, the most valuable piece in the collection reached a price of 2.5 Ethereum, the equivalent of $14k at the time.

This is far from the millions of dollars some pieces have sold for in the crypto space. However, the underdog element is the factor that better reflects the potential NFTs have to democratize art and other industries. It is no longer needed to be a well-known artist or count on the support of a patron to succeed in the world of art. If your art captures the attention of the public

While the project has already generated more than half a million dollars in revenue, the journey for Axman and his team has just started as they prepare to create an interactive gaming experience that could expand to a metaverse.

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